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ACTA is dead, long live ACT 2?

Posted By TelecomTV One , 06 July 2012 | 0 Comments | (0)
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As widely predicted, the ACTA copyright treaty was killed by the European Parliament by an overwhelming 478-39 majority this week. But will it reconstitute itself and be 'back', Terminator-style? By Ian Scales.

It might. While the lobbying against the anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting treaty (see - Cracked ACTA: is this the beginning of the end for the copyright treaty?) was effective and the eventual vote against it was resounding, many voices from within the Parliament are already setting the scene for the next round.
Some MEPs say they objected to the "vagueness" of the treaty and worried that it might be misused and abused up the track.
That implies that a brushed-up version with the offensive bits removed, reintroduced at some point in the future when fewer citizens are watching, might get the nod.
It won't be called ACTA and it may go somewhat easier on the draconian enforcement powers nonsense that  got it ditched this time around, but the reality is that a copyright and counterfeit treaty or bill is expected eventually to get through the Parliament to provide covering fire for the 22 out of 27 European jurisdictions in Europe that had already agreed to ACTA ahead of the parliament's vote. 
In the case of the UK, the 2010 Digital Economy Act which features some of the more objectionable enforcements envisaged and mandated within ACTA is still on the books and Ofcom appears to be gingerly pushing forward (see -  Ofcom to 'review' the laughing stock that is the UK's Digital Economy Act).
The fact is that those previously in favour of ACTA within the parliament and European Commission, are still in favour. They just think the public have been 'handled' badly. 
Are they right, or is the public attitude on these matters swinging permanently against the corporate takeover and increasing commodification of our cultures? 

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