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Why all the cash?

The Astonishing RIM

Posted By TelecomTV One , 11 January 2011 | 0 Comments | (0)
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Last month, BlackBerry manufacturer RIM concluded the year’s largest mobile software M&A when it purchased Swedish user interface company, The Astonishing Tribe. It paid top dollar for the firm of 200; at nearly $130 million it was a five times multiplier of its 2009 reported revenue. But why?

Andreas Constantinou, Research Director at Vision Mobile, explains why the acquisition positions RIM ahead of the competition, provided it can fulfill the promise. Don’t forget, The Astonishing Tribe was the company behind Google’s Android 1.0 user interface.


“All in all, TAT can deliver Apple-class user experience that offers RIM a strategic advantage compared to OEMs leveraging 3rd party Windows Phone and Android platforms.

This all sounds great on paper of course, but it’s all a question of execution.”


Constantinou explains at length about how it puts RIM a leap ahead of the pack in the league of top-10 handset manufacturers in six ways; matching the iPhone, rapid variant management, consumer and enterprise personas, enterprise UI customization, UI personalities, and connected experiences. Read his blog for the full details.

Via Vision Mobile

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