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Fruitful: RIM on the rise

Blackberry lolly: RIM is the fastest-growing company in the world

Posted By TelecomTV One , 20 August 2009 | 0 Comments | (0)
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According to Fortune Magazine, Research In Motion (RIM), the Canadian company behind the phenomenally popular "Blackberry" suite of mobile devices is the fastest-growing company in the world, reports Martyn Warwick.

In fact, lIke most "overnight successes" RIM has been beavering away building its brand for years but the company's products are, at last, being taken up by the general public (business executives have been addicted to their "Crackberries" for many moons) and sales are rocketing.

So, ithe reality is that RIM has been gaining momentum for some years now but, in a direct reflection of the continuing capacity of the Americans to pretend that the rest of the world doesn't exist, Fortune has, until this year, chosen not to include in its annual "Growth List" any companies outside the US. It's a bit like the so-called "World Series" in baseball - where the "world" consists of US teams playing one another.

It's just as well that Fortune has, albeit belatedly, recognised that there is life and commerce beyond the frontiers of the continental United States. The tectonic plates of the global economy are moving and the US dominance is on the decline.

Indeed, no fewer than five of the new Top 100 fastest growing companies are Chinese.

Fortune Magazine rates a company's growth by reference to its profitabilty, turnover and investment return over a three-year period. In the new 2009 listing of the Top Ten Fastest growing firms, RIM is at Number 1, US microchip manufacturer Sigma Designs is at Number 2 and, the biggest Internet brand in China is at Number 3.

According to Fortune, RIM's profits have grown by 84 per cent over the past three years, revenues are up by 77 per cent and total return on investment has increased by 45 per cent.

That said, revenues at chipmaker Sigma have grown by 104 per cent since 2007, mainly on the back of the burgeoning popularity of Blu-Ray high-definition DVD players.

To put things in perspective, Apple is at Number 39 on the list and Google at a lowly 68th.

In an article, Fortune states, "Since the Great Depression, some companies just keep growing. And not only in the United States." As Raymond Chandler so succinctly put it, "No shit, Sherlock."


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