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Netbooks on the starting line

Netbooks set to drive mobile broadband growth

Posted By Ian Scales , 22 May 2009 | 0 Comments | (0)
Tags: Netbook Mobile Internet mobile market

Netbooks are already where it's at for the PC market and, according to Pyramid Research, sales will be driven by operators as they bundle the units in with mobile broadband.

The researchers say sales of netbooks over the next five years will drive mobile broadband services.

About 13 million of the small, cheap laptop computers were sold worldwide in 2008 but 10 million of these happened in the second half of the year, indicating a bit of a hockey-stick curve is happening.

Pyramid expects that growth will keep on, and the bundling of netbooks with mobile broadband Internet access in both developed and emerging markets will become a bread and butter offering for operators.

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