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Apple's forbidden fruit

Apple not so cool after all

Posted By Ian Scales , 22 May 2009 | 0 Comments | (0)
Tags: internet neutrality Apple AppStore iPhone app

Apple is continuing to enforce its ridiculous, 1950s-style censorship on the iPhone App Store, groans Ian Scales.

Following our recent story on the computer and handset vendor's apparent mammary issues (it banned an application because it included access to UK newspaper The Sun which features topless 'page 3' models) it appears that the Californian snippers are still at it,

Most recently they have rejected what looks to be a rather stylish book reader application called Eucalyptus.

This is, in fact, a self-consciously 'worthy' enterprise which provides access to titles made available under the long-running Project Gutenberg and displays them properly on the iPhone - or at least it will do if and when Apple sees fit to allow the application.

The trouble, according to Apple's Lord Chamberlain, whoever he or she may be, is that Eucalyptus grants access to a version of the Kama Sutra which, seeing it's a book reader and the Kama Sutra has been around for quite some time, seems perfectly plausible.. indeed inevitable.

The banning has caused the inevitable outcry with many people pointing out the obvious fact that the Kama Sutra is available on Kindle and on any browser for anyone who takes the time Google it first. If Apple is going to ban things then it has to be consistent.. which of course is the over-arching point. Banning things can never be consistent.

If you like pushing up your blood pressure up then read the exchange between Eucalyptus and Apple.


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