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Attacking new markets is best strategy for mobile operators

Posted By TelecomTV Futures Survey , 11 March 2008 | 0 Comments | (0)
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There’s going to be no holding back the global mobile industry - not if the respondents to the TelecomTV Futures Global Mobile Survey have anything to do with it.

A full 68 per cent of survey participants who have so far lodged their forms say the best profitability growth strategy for mobile operators over the next three years is to move into adjacent markets.

That means taking on doughty competitors such as fixed voice operators, cable operators and ISPs at the things they probably already do best -  like provide fixed voice services,  video delivery  (films and television) and broadband.

It might also mean competing and partnering with the up-and-coming Web-based providers to deliver new content and services, such as social networking, gaming, commerce and so on.

That 68 per cent figure is therefore a confident and optimistic steer for the mobile industry, considering the alternative profitability strategies on offer in the survey included making networks more open, driving cost reductions and acquiring emerging market mobile operators.

But this is an interim result only.

If you want to have your say (and maybe help move those goalposts) then fill out this survey online here.

The TelecomTV Futures Global Mobile Survey, supported by Qualcomm Inc., is the first in a series of viewer surveys designed to grab a snapshot of industry sentiment on the live issues within specific sectors.  They are designed to illuminate what industry people themselves think about the trends and pressures affecting their sector’s performance.

The Global Mobile Survey asks questions about revenues and costs; business models and investment trends, services and application, which companies  are going to prosper most and, last but not least, where the experts (you) expect to see the challenges and threats coming from in the years ahead.

By completing the five minute survey participants join the TelecomTV Futures community.  Not only will US$1.00 go to charity for each completed form, but participants will each a receive a full, free report on the final survey results. All the survey data will, of course, remain completely anonymous: we only ask for your personal details is so that we can send you the results.

Our next TelecomTV Futures Survey will be on the IPTV market.

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