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Ericsson launches security automation product for multi-domain orchestration

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  • Ericsson Security Manager enables security orchestration for all ICT domains
  • Automates security management according to policies
  • Supports out-of-the-box security for telco cloud, enterprises and virtual networks

One of the most over-looked aspects of 5G is its focus on network security. If all 5G achieves is to bring “security by design” into the telecoms world then it will have been a roaring success. Groups like the EU-funded 5G-Ensure are working hard to encourage a standards-based approach to network security, built into the very fabric of 5G architectures. Security is also becoming increasing critical to the cloud and IoT sectors, as shared capabilities become more widespread.

Timely, then, that Ericsson is launching its new Security Manager product to automate protection of important assets across multiple ICT domains and to detect threats, vulnerabilities, and risks leveraging real-time security analytics. Ericsson says its Security Manager brings an innovative approach for real-time, contextual security management leveraging its customisable, adaptive policy engine, an enabler of cost-efficient, automated security operations. It is part of the Digital Support System, designed to support out-of-the-box security for cloud operations, enterprises, physical and virtual networks and digital support solutions.

“In today's ICT landscape, security is of the utmost importance for organizations across all domains,” said Anders Lindblad, SVP and Head of Business Unit IT & Cloud Products at Ericsson. “Security Manager leverages our leadership and expertise across a wide array of ICT domains to bring to the market an innovative, adaptive and contextual security automation solution for telecom networks as well as cloud, IoT and enterprises. It provides the level of security that our customers across industries not only seek, but fundamentally require for the integrity of their operations.”

Lindblad says the Security Manager will be the tool to set and enforce security policies to protect important assets by configuring security controls such as firewalls or block chain solutions to achieve the desired security architecture and provide predictive analytics to detect unwanted activity.  The solution offers automated security orchestration for cloud operations, enterprises, physical and virtual networks and digital support solutions. It also provides the support for automating compliance according to established standards and regulatory requirements.

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