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Unchained melody: Digital service providers can liberate themselves with Liberation Cloud

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Matt Edwards, Managing Director, Liberated Cloud

Most traditional service providers are, by their history and nature, risk-averse organisations and many, while privately well aware that they are stuck in a rut, are dangerously slow in reacting to changed circumstances and new competitors. They need to open-up and sell other products, services and content. That's where Liberated Cloud comes in. The use of its configuration and agnostic supply chain and platform permits digital service providers define what they want to achieve and create their own markets. Liberated Cloud amalgamates all cloud-based services and offerings on an integrated platform and allows end users and consumers to leverage a complete portfolio of cloud computing products that meet their business and operational needs without the hassle of dealing with multiple providers.

Filmed at: TM Forum Live! Nice, May, 2016

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