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Feature: Is the future just one big happy cloud?

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Speakers from The Great Telco Debate

Most big Telcos are corporate users of virtualised services in their own right. So could they not run their own internal services and those they will be delivering to their customers across one common platform? Spreading NFV across the entire operator business has enormous potential, starting with simply sharing infrastructure to get econonies of scale and then topping those benefits up with tbe operational efficiencies to be gained from running customer-facing cloud and network services alongside internal network and IT - all as one.

Ah, but what about the pitfalls?

Find out more by watching this special feature. Our interviewees agree that the destination is a good one: they just worry about the journey and the amount of time it might take to get there.


  • Nigel Stevenson, Global Marketing, VMware
  • Marcus Weldon, President of Bell Labs and Chief Technology Officer, Nokia
  • Dean Bubley, Founder Disruptive Analysis
  • Chris Lewis, Lewis Insight & Founding Partner of The Great Telco Debate
  • Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, Senior Executive Vice-President of Innovation, Marketing and Technology, Orange
  • Graham Wilde, Director, BWCS

FILMED AT: The Great Telco Debate, 2016, London

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