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Swisscom continues to benefit from its NFV partnership with HPE

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Armin Veit, Senior Solution Architect, Swisscom & Werner Schaefer, VP & General Manager NFV, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Earlier this year, Swisscom and HPE announced a partnership to virtualize some of Swiss telco’s network functions using HPE OpenNFV solutions.  In fact, it featured one of the industry’s first vCPE solutions. Speaking exclusively to TelecomTV at the SDN World Congress, the two companies reaffirmed their commitment to the partnership and maintain that starting with the SME market was the correct strategy to follow. Work has evolved from technology-based transformation to involve the telco’s numerous operations and processes, all of which have to be transformed along with the network itself. As HPE’s Werner Schaefer highlights in the interview, vendors and telcos need to learn how to collaborate and work alongside other partners within the NFV ecosystem – openness and collaboration are, after all, what OpenNFV is all about. 

Filmed at: SDN World Congress 2016, The Hague, Netherlands

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