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Proof of Concept: TIC (Telecom Integrated Cloud): Carrier Grade NFV Deployment

China Mobile

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TIC (Telecom Integrated Cloud): Carrier Grade NFV Deployment


The Telecom Integrated Cloud (TIC) is the carrier grade NFV deployment design for telecom operators. The whole cloud is organized in a multi-layer structure, in which the super orchestrator and super SDN-controller are used to control and manage the TIC in a centralized way. Different VNFs are deployed in regional and local TIC. In the TIC, the following items are listed as the most important issues for a Carrier Grade NFV deployment.

  • NFV global management and automatic deployment
  • High Availability and Fault Management
  • VNF and NFVI Performance enhancement
  • Cloud type VNF implementation

TIC is currently been integrated and tested in the China Mobile Open NFV Testlab. It will further be deployed nationwide in the China Mobile Experimental Network covering multiple provinces. This Demo will mainly focus on the first three items.

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Alex Zhang, Architect, China Mobile

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