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The critical role of operators in open source

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Panel Discussion

Operators are increasingly getting involved in the open source community and their roles is becoming a critical element in the evolution of open-source technologies and solutions, according to our panel. By being part of the process, operators provide critical insight into nuances of local deployment conditions, specific requirements of their service strategies, and articulating requirements beyond the scope of the development community.

The development highlights the importance of OPNFV, not only in bringing together the community to create unified solutions for service providers, but often simply to translate what the service providers want to the development community that may or may not speak the same lingo


  • Susan James, Head of Product Line NFV Infrastructure, Business Area Digital Services, Ericsson

  • Bala Thekkedath, Director of Portfolio Marketing, Telecommunication, DCIG Marketing Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Chris Wright, CTO, Red Hat

Filmed at: OPNFV Summit, 2017, Beijing, China

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