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Global Service Provider Deploys Cisco ASR 9000 Platform

With more than 700,000 customers, 150,000 physical servers and 500 000 virtual machines, OVH.com not only addresses the challenges of cloud computing for businesses, it also enables consumer services that require quality of service.

Through the deployment of its own global infrastructure, including a dedicated fiber optic network, OVH.com provides comprehensive access and high-speed connections to its services from anywhere in the world. OVH.com's peering policy gives the company the ability to offer superior customer experiences by connecting directly with its customers' Internet service providers.

Customers enjoy lower latency when accessing content hosted within OVH.com's infrastructure and more importantly, its 2.2 terabits-per-second of capacity ensures quick loading of every web page delivered through OVH.com's network.

With trends in Internet traffic highlighting exponential growth in usage and an increasing need to provide not only access, but also intelligent management of the network, OVH.com is addressing its expanding needs with Cisco.

"OVH.com has sought to deploy one of the most advanced networks in the world. By leveraging our own data center technology for our servers and our IP network from Cisco, we're able to deliver a faster, lower latency solution for our costumers while minimizing our power consumption and carbon footprint. No other Cloud and hosting company has our combination of flexible service offerings and global reach to so many Internet service providers," said Octave Klaba, C(E/T)O of OVH.com

With the deployment of a sophisticated routing platform from Cisco that enables unrivalled capacity, OVH.com will be able to rapidly grow its network to address its expansion plans -- in addition to providing a continued focus on service innovation.

IP Network Technology Highlights

Central to OVH.com's expansion plans is the Cisco ASR 9922 Router, part of the ASR 9000 Series. The ASR 9922 will enable highly resilient IP connectivity and robust support for both IPv4 and IPv6 across the OVH.com network.

With a dedicated fiber optic network, OVH.com is able to provide speeds of up to 2 Tbps in Europe and 8 Tbps in North America, crossing 33 global peering points; OVH.com's selection of the Cisco ASR 9922 was largely due to its ability to support such capacity with an extensive number of 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps connections.

The ASR 9922 was chosen in part because of its ability to properly manage different types of traffic - particularly critical for virtualized resources and rich media information containing video and audio, which is highly sensitive to any time delays caused by the network.

In addition, the Cisco IOS XR modular software operating system and full compliance with IPv6 enables OVH.com to meet customer demand for IPv6 based services.

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