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SDN and NFV: what are the benefits for corporates and end users?

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Programmable networks are obviously a big deal for service providers and network operators, offering lower costs and greater agility. In the fourth installment of our series on SDN and NFV we ask six experts to list the corporate and end-user benefits. As usual all the answers are different, but together they make a lot of sense.

1. What SDN & NFV REALLY mean

2. SDN & NFV - What do Telcos REALLY want?

3. SDN & NFV changes everything - maybe even your partners


Rose Schooler,

Vice President, Intel Architecture Group and General Manager

Don McCullough

Director Strategic Communications, Group Function Technology, Ericsson

Justin Dustzadeh

CTO & VP Technology Strategy, Networks, Huawei

Rob Sherwood

CTO, Controller Technologies, Big Switch

Michael Marcelli

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Marketing, Juniper

Sean Varley

Strategic Marketing Manager, Intel

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