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Super Panel: Does Open Source Stack up for Service Provider Transformation?

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The challenges of deploying Open Source into large scale carrier networks

TAKE A DEEP DIVE: Watch the full debate on the challenges of deploying Open Source into large scale carrier networks

Since the inception of NFV 'openness' has been the mantra for the global industry, in the first instance for the carriers and then later the vendor ecosystem. More recently there has been increasing emphasis on Opens Source in carrier networks. The big question here has to be, "Isn't the concept of deploying Opens Source in carrier networks completely counter-cultural and technologically counter-intuitive to the service provider community and thus a negation of everything they have done and been doing in the development of their networks over many years. Why is Opens Source suddenly so all-fired, important to service providers and couldn't it actually be a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"?




  • Francisco Javier Ramon Salguero,, Head of Virtualization, Telefonica, GCTO
  • Sorabh Saxena, Senior Vice President, Sotfware Development & Engineering, AT&T
  • Chris Wright, Chief Technologist, Red Hat

Along with Chris Lewis, Analyst and Founder of Lewis Insight and moderated by Martyn Warwick’s Editor-in-chief.. Opening words by Martyn Warwick, TelecomV, Sarwar Raza, VP of NFV Product Management, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Lynn Comp, Director of Market Development, Network Platforms Group, Intel.




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