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Mobile advertising and enterprise apps both market sweet spots


via Flickr © blakespot (CC BY 2.0)

Mobile advertising and mobile enterprise apps are both on solid trajectories according to reports released this week by Juniper Research and Good Technology.

Juniper has been running its rule over the global advertising spend for mobile and finds that it’s projected to reach US$105 billion by 2019 -  that’s a considerable jump up from today’s estimated $51 billion, the researchers say.

The reason for the welcome hike, says Juniper, is “an attitude shift amongst brands and retailers who now use mobile as a core channel for consumer engagement [because] mobile advertising offers both high visibility and high response rates.”

But its research also revealed increasing concerns around consumer privacy, with advertisers keen to exploit ‘Big Data’ analytics to gain customer insights and purchasing patterns. Without consent on info sharing, Juniper has found that consumers may feel a violation of their rights has occurred. ‘Opting-in’ to any data sharing to avoid both potential litigation and adverse publicity for the brands involved is crucial, it finds.

Good Technology’s eleventh quarterly Mobility Index Reportshows that organisations are mobilising apps and content at a rapid and accelerating pace. Over the past year, it says, total app activations grew by 160 per cent as companies kitted out their workforces with collaboration tools and access to corporate content across an increasing range of mobile devices.

Insurance emerges as an early adopter of custom apps with over a third of all apps activated focused on mobilising custom business processes, due to its going through rapid business transformation that has resulted in aggressive custom app development, with 34 per cent of all apps activated by insurance organisations being custom built.

Financial services showed that speed to decision is a desirable feature, with secure IM representing 27 per cent of all apps activated. Business and professional services demonstrated a preference for apps that help mobilise content. The trends illustrate that while usage patterns in unregulated and regulated industries may differ, mobilising key business processes is a key priority.

IoS dominated this sector as the “bring your own device” (BYOD) movement continues to mature. iOS accounted for 72 per cent of all device activations in the quarter; Android’s market share grew to 26 per cent, while Windows Phone stayed way down with one per cent of the market share in total device activations.

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