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Apple corporate mobile device usage still on the climb says Citrix… what’s this about mice for iPads?


via Flickr © B a m s h a d (CC BY 2.0)

Apple’s iPhones and iPads continue to dominate the mobile enterprise, according to the Citrix Mobile Analytics report released today. That won’t come as surprising news to most people, but the sheer breadth of Apple’s rise and rise might.

Yes, highly popular in the US where Apple grabs 67 per cent of the market, but just as popular in Asia (also 67 per cent) and not far behind in Europe and the Middle East as well which sit on 57 per cent. And that grip has been maintained as the enterprise market itself grew at a hectic pace - 72 per cent over the past year.

The full report is worth downloading here.

Endangered species brought back from the brink: mouse reintroduced to the Apple environment

Interest declared: I love those mices to pieces. I would use a mouse for everything if possible because I can’t stand trackpads and I barely tolerate touch screens. So the news that Citrix Systems is working on a mouse for the iPad so that - in the main - Windows software might be easily run across it, is not only layered with irony (Apple originally popularised the mouse, Microsoft copied it) but also holds out a glimmer of hope for us old-schoolers whose brains, even now, can’t quite make the jump.

If a mouse can work with the iPad then it (should) work with the iPhone. And if it works on the iPhone, then gangway, I’ll be getting out my plastic and ordering one up as soon as I’m able.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Last month Citrix  unveiled a prototype Citrix X1 mouse at its Summit conference. Citrix’s idea is that it might simplify the use of its remote Windows apps on tablets and (yes) smartphones.
Because many, many business apps haven’t been ported to iOS, many enterprises use Citrix’s client/server solutions to run the apps on a server instead of on the device, but then there’s the little problem of how you do the pointing and clicking. iPads and iPhones don’t suport mice so it’s all a tad awkward.

Citrix isn’t that certain that there’s a market the little critters yet. Hence the prototype mouse and an offer to interested parties to test it out and see if it’s useful. We wait with interest.

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