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April Cools: the best of an (almost) overwhelming crop of hot stories that weren’t


Normally we don’t include anything frivolous in the fast-developing store of telecoms ‘information points’ we’re calling TelecomTV Insights. But what are rules if they can’t be broken in a good cause?

In this case, in the interests of highlighting the fact that technology companies are capable of distributing a little humour along with the usual load of acronyms. It’s just to give you a rounded picture of the industry as it evolves, you understand.

Yes, we’re talking April Fools gags.

First, this is not an April Fools gag in its own right… don’t be so suspicious!

Secondly, we’re just picking two that have been carefully tested for robustness and availability.

Like most humour, April Fools (AFs, as we should probably call them) work best when they’re self-deprecating rather than deprecating of others and I think we’ve waded through enough of them this morning (so you don’t have to) to pick two that hit the spot, gently poking fun at their own technologies and the dangers inherent in taking them too far or too seriously.

That was a bit serious...

Gently self-deprecating

Maximum points go to Telenor. It’s not subtle but at least it’s not one of those you have to read right through before deciding whether it’s real or not… and then still remain unsure.

Telenor announces chng of oficial corporate lingo 2 Textese

Back to reality

Sharing top spot with Telenor is that denizen of the Valley, Google, which appears to be chiding its own tendency to hype up its own breakthroughs (or not).

Putting the “real” in “virtual reality”.

You have to click through from the release in Insights to get the full joy of it, but it has to be said that Google has gone to quite a bit of trouble to try and get this one viral.

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