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ZTE brings its LoRa IoT business model to Europe



  • International debut of its carrier-class IoT solution
  • Developed in partnership with the China LoRa Application Alliance
  • CLAA now comprises over 500 members
  • Debut of Smart Street 2.0 solution for cities

ZTE is using this week’s CeBIT exhibition in Germany for the international debut of its carrier-class IoT solution, developed in partnership with the China LoRa Application Alliance (CLAA). They have jointly showcased an industrial grade IoT gateway and cloud-based core network, LoRa-specified chips and modules, and intelligent IoT terminals.

The Chinese vendor initiated the CLAA just over a year ago at the start of 2016 and has now created an alliance of over 500 members, including networking vendors and OEMs and specialist application vendors. The CLAA has built a technology exchange platform, solution verification platform, market cooperation platform, resource interconnection platform and innovation incubation platform for Chinese LoRa applications. It has now certified over 80 products, released more than 50 application types and launched 30 demos.

One of their new solutions unveiled this week is “Smart Street 2.0”, the second generation of ZTE’s LPWA-based solution that helps city administrators evolve and manage public services as part of their migration to practical smart cities. The solutions uses IoT, cloud computing and Big Data technologies to integrate key street-based public services, such as parking and lighting .

A centralised “street command and control centre” acts as the main back-end hub for the street applications, interacting with smart street IoT infrastructure and collecting data from the various sub-systems. It then utilises the embedded analytics engine to interact with city residents via a smart phone app, to provide notifications, guidance, navigation and smart routing information. It also collects payment fees for smart parking as well as other fee collections, such as traffic violation ticket charges.

“Smart Street 2.0 is an innovative solution for unified, intelligent and efficient street management and administration in the era of Smart City” said Yang Jun, VP of ZTE. “It modernises the street fabric and transforms the obsolete mechanism of street administration by using LPWAN technologies to improve quality of public services. The solution integrates streets’ physical infrastructure to cut costs, improve management efficiency of municipal and city governments and provides citizens with convenience and colourful experiences.”

ZTE is also testing a new business and cooperation model in the LPWAN sector. The CLAA has a unified and standard LoRa gateway, which enables standard hardware from different vendors to access the network. Using software algorithms in the cloud-based core network platform, network resources can be shared among users. ZTE provides the operation and maintenance services and integrates the numerous dispersed small and medium-sized LPWAN operators so that they can benefit from large-scale network operation capabilities.

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