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Every breath I take I'll be watching me: how IoT lets patients take control

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Dr John Altrip, Medical Director, Cambridge Respiratory Innovations

The Internet of medical things is in rude health and the prognosis is good. At least that was the lesson drawn by TelecomTV when we set up shop at the Internet of Healthcare event in London last month. 
In this first in a series of Interviews, Ian Scales talks with Dr John Altrip, Medical Director, Cambridge Respiratory Innovations, whose company is developing a small and portable respiratory measurement device (no brands, not too much detailed information at this point) which he hopes could revolutionise the way patients with lung problems are ‘treated’. The technology is designed so that the patient is able to take ownership of the condition from the doctor or other health professional. This was to be a common theme running through most of our interviews - IoT empowering patients to take control. 

FILMED AT: Internet of Healthcare, 21-22 September, 2016, London

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