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Co-design: what clinicians think IoT tech can do meets what the patient is prepared to do

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Charles Lowe, Managing Director, Digital Health and Care Alliance (DHACA)

The Digital Health and Care Alliance is an organisation with over 700 members, set up to drive “assisted living at scale” in the UK where it has so far deployed healthcare IT to around 100,000 people and is starting to see some significant health benefits flowing through. Charles agrees that there is a lot of scope for the ‘Internet of Healthcare’ and explains that selecting projects is usually pretty obvious too. “Firstly it’s got to appeal to the patient,” he says. “If it’s not desirable they’re not going to want to use it anyway. The technology itself doesn’t deliver benefits. The benefit comes if it leads you (as a patient) to do things differently.”  

FILMED AT: Internet of Healthcare, 21-22 September, 2016, London

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