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Manx Telecom adopts virtualisation to replace its IMS core

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Gary Lamb, CEO, Manx Telecom, and Kevin Paige, CTO, Manx Telecom

Manx Telecom is the incumbent telco on the Isle of Man, in the Irish Sea. It offers fixed, broadband and LTE services, and has a hosted and managed service business, plus a global solutions business providing SIMs for IoT. The need to reduce CAPEX spending and become more agile led it towards virtualisation and a change to a platform-based architecture using NFV.

In partnership with Metaswitch and VMware, it has completed the first phase of its transformation project, and all of its fixed voice network traffic is now running on the Metaswitch IMS Core and SBCs. For other telcos looking to deliver NFV, Manx Telecom says that cultural and organisation challenges should not be underestimated. But for Manx, the change will lead to faster delivery of services and is an ideal platform for new future business. It is now looking to virtualise more services.

Filmed at: Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 2016

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