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Super Panel Videos

Super Panel: Are MEC and NFV the key building blocks for 5G? - Part 4

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Super Panel

Our super panelists from Deutsche Telekom, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel,  Swisscom & Telefonica explore:

  • Chicken and Egg: Which comes first NFV or MEC?
  • Does MEC even need NFV?
  • Do the new use cases that MEC will purportedly enable help to justify the CSPs RoIe in NFV?
  • What are these use cases?
  • What are the challenges in creating an NFV/MEC architecture for CSPs?
  • How can they overcome them?
  • Will MEC enable CSPs to offer 5G style service


Martyn Warwick
Editor in Chief 


Caroline Chan
Vice President, Data Center Group, & General Manager, 5G Infrastructure Division,
Intel Corporation
Diego R. Lopez

Head of Technology Exploration & Standards, Telefónica
Telefonica I+D

Marcus Brunner
Head of Standardisation

Axel Clauberg
Vice President, Aggregation, Transport, IP (TI-ATI) & Infrastructure Cloud Architecture 
Deutsche Telekom AG

Vinay Saxena
HPE Fellow
NFV Architect, Communications Solutions Business
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Filmed at: The Louwman Museum, The Hague, Netherlands

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