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NFV ISG outgoing chair: group has “succeeded beyond our original hopes” in Phase One

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Prodip Sen, CTO, Network Functions Virtualization, HP

What was your stint on the ETSI ISG like? asked Martyn Warwick. "We succeeded beyond out original hope," says Prodip Sen, outgoing chair of the ETSI NFV ISG, and now also CTO of NFV at HP (he was formerly Director of Network Architecture at Verizon).  

"We were learning as we went along. All of us had been involved in lots of standards work, but we all wanted [this effort] to be different. We were happy with the ISG framework because we got the freedom we needed and were enabled to push the boundaries."

But how did you manage to channel all the different motivations in the group? "Knowing when to step back and not force the issue is one thing. Then having a team that was consensual to begin with was the other.  

"From the outset, we wanted to drive it from a user perspective. We realised that if, as a user community, if we could keep some cohesion then all the other suppliers will see the user community as a unified force and will pay attention to that."

Sponsored by HP & Intel
In association with Citrix, Ericsson & ETSI

Filmed at: ETSI NFV ISG #7 meeting, Santa Clara, July 29 - August 1, 2014.

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