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A coalition of the willing - and able - spurs the acceleration of global NFV

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Executive Panel Discussion

This panel discussion between four Platinum Sponsors of the ETSI NFV 11 (one of which, Dell, was also the host of the entire event) is living proof that, in NFV, collaboration is a necessary reality rather than just a marketing buzz-word. Here, senior executives from Brocade, Dell, Intel and Red Hat debate the benefits of working together in a rapidly developing ecosystem and explain how inter-corporate teamwork has changed network dynamics in more ways than one.


John Healy, General Manager, SDN Division, Communication & Storage Infrastructure Group, Intel

Darrell Jordan-Smith, Communications and Media Vertical Head, Red Hat

Arpit Joshipura, Vice-President, Product Management & Marketing, Dell Networking & NFV, Dell

Ashwin Krishnan, Head of Software Networking Products, Brocade

Filmed at ETSI NFV ISG 11, San Jose

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